Past Projects > PADS 4: The Fire That Feeds Our Life

In 2012 we painted four murals for the Country Club Hills Wellness Center, a new temporary housing facility for homeless individuals and families in the south suburbs. PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) is the agency responsible for creating this new state of the art residence, and our murals address themes related to transitions, community, vocational training, and hope. This mural is inspired by the quote below:

“To feel the love of people whom we love
is a fire that feeds our life.”
― Pablo Neruda

This mural focuses on the theme of community, strength, and love for one’s family. The scenes of the family dinner table, the father and child playing ball, and the mother and child reading all emanate from the center of a ball of fire, referencing Neruda’s metaphor. This circle of energy could easily be seen as a gear, or the sun, or the heart-- the center of community, surely.
The composition suggests that we are all connected, in spirit and in company, and that the love we feel for each other gives us the strength to move forward in life.