Past Projects > Howard Street Metra Viaduct: Our Future Belongs to All of Us

In this mural entitled “Love Now: Our Future Belongs to All of Us”, we were commissioned by the Howard St SSA #19 to create a new work for the Metra underpass. We designed this piece around the overall theme of looking at one’s life path with confidence and hope, and making positive choices that will benefit oneself and the community. These are some of the images seen:

• Love Now with violets: this directive expresses that is what most essential to a hopeful future, no matter the place or time; surrounded by Illinois’ state flowers in full bloom.
• Community Area Map: behind the girl, showing where her journey begins, and where she can go. She is starting at Community Area #1, Rogers Park.
• Woman with backpack looking back: the major figure here is a young woman on a journey, to expand her horizons and discover new worlds, all the while being mindful of her origins.
• Bike wheel, record, apple: things that move us, move us forward, help us grow.
• Mandala with arrows: representing one’s inner journey and a straight path of energy traveling outward.